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The following Terms and Conditions apply to the use of this website as well as any transaction occurring through this site.

Edson Razors and Knives will not be held responsible or liable for any injury, harm, damage, health or other safety issues that arise from use or misuse of any product purchased from Edson Razors and Knives or through any use of

Straight razors and knives sold by Edson Razors and Knives are extremely sharp and proper care and safety should be taken with use. Edson Razors and Knives will not be held responsible or liable for any cuts occurred through the use of any product purchased.

All the content and information appearing on this website is owned exclusively by Edson Razors and Knives. No copying of photos, text or content is permitted for commercial uses. Any copying of product or sample photos or content for personal or non-commercial use is permitted provided that the content or image not be altered in any way. Any reposting of images or content on other websites must be accompanied by a link to either the source image on this website or a link to homepage.

Site Usage
This site is continually being changed and updated and may be done so without notification. This includes changes to these terms of use, product availability and pricing. Edson Razors and Knives reserves the right to refuse service and/or cancel orders if it believes a customer has violated these terms of use or believes customer conduct is harmful to the interests of Edson Razors and Knives.

Each custom straight razor or knife made by me carries a limited lifetime warranty. Any custom razor or knife comes with a 7 day inspection period where I will accept returns no questions asked. After this inspection period my general guidelines are: I will repair or replace any custom that experiences honest failure and will try my best to make it right by you. If upon inspection I determine that the razor/knife has been misued/abused all warranties are void. If the item is damaged with misuse/abuse, I can inspect the item and for a price try to fix it if it can be repaired.

Privacy Policy
Edson Razors and Knives collects user information only for company purposes primarily through email subscription purposes and maybe an occasional survey. We respect the privacy of our customers and will not share or sell information gathered. It is used solely for feedback and for updates from Edson Razors and Knives through the subscription system in place.

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Please visit the Sample Work Page for examples of custom straight razors, kitchen knives, and outdoor knives I have made. If you would like to discuss a custom project please contact me. From time to time I will have custom pieces available for purchase directly from this website using paypal.