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Q. Who Makes Your Razors And Knives?

A. All custom and handmade straight razors and knives are personally made by me (Joe Edson). I do all the forging (or stock removal), annealing, heat treating, grinding, and polishing of all the custom straight razors and knives. Handle materials, shaping, sanding and buffing are all personally done by myself as well.

Occasionally I will restore or come across old vintage straight razors. In these cases the razor and/or scales will be made by the original manufacturer indicated where I have cleaned up or reground the steel and cleaned or remade the scale material.

Q. Do You Forge Or Use Stock Removal Methods For Making Custom Pieces?

A. I do a combination of both. Most straight razors will be made using stock removal methods and knives will be made using either. All forged items will be indicated as such. If there is no indication of forging you can assume that stock removal was the method used.

Q. What Kind Of Products Do You Make?

A. I initially began my journey as a custom straight razor maker. Thus, I learned to hollow grind pieces before learning the traditional flat or convex grinds associated more with knives. It was my love for cooking that I began to venture into kitchen cutlery (specifically Japanese style) and eventually into outdoor knives. These products will become staples and be available for purchase on this website of which any modifications can be custom ordered. I am always pushing myself and will definitely be venturing into other areas as well.

Q. How Do I Place A Custom Order?

A. Shoot me an
email or use the contact form to submit a request for a quote. The more detailed you are in your custom order the more specific of a price point I can provide.

Q. What Type Of Steels Do You Use?

A. I have used a wide variety of steels ranging from 1080, 1084, 1095, O1, W2, 52100, CruForgeV, CPM154, AEB-L, 14C28N, laminated Hitachi White #1 and Blue Super steels, and various kinds of damascus. I will continue to explore different types of steel and I focus on specific ones for different tasks.

Q. Do You Still Take Vintage Restoration Jobs?

A. While I have no webpage personally dedicated to razor restorations, I do still accept them. I usually ask for plenty of photos to advice the customer if paying for a restoration will be worth their hard earned money. In general, large sheffield wedges are the best razors to get restored. Restoration prices will vary based on pitting, condition, etc. in which case I would recommend regrinding - which is something that I do as well. I always have on hand a variety of scale materials. Just shoot me an
email with plenty of photos and I can advice the best course.

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Please visit the Sample Work Page for examples of custom straight razors, kitchen knives, and outdoor knives I have made. If you would like to discuss a custom project please contact me. From time to time I will have custom pieces available for purchase directly from this website using paypal.