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All Razors Come Shave Ready and Have Been Honed w/ One Layer of Electrical Tape Over The Spine Unless Otherwise Noted.

***Holiday Clearance***
I am clearing inventory completely on vintage straight razor restorations. Once gone I will not do any more restorations for sale on this page so pick up the last of what I consider excellent restorations on vintage razors. All come shave ready.


Every straight razor that is sold on this page has undergone a complete restoration.

For the blade:

I use my 2 x 72” grinder with appropriate contact wheels and sanding belts to match the original grind of the razor. What this means is that I’m able to retain original
CRISP grind lines while in many cases completely eliminating unsightly spine hone wear and giving the razor a new to as new as possible finish. I leave everything with a satin finish as this is likely how razors originally left the factory. The only time a razor sees a buffer is after I’m done on the grinder and only then does it see minimal time with black polishing compound and green polishing compound. At most a minute or two on this. I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT use greaseless compound for any restoration and encourage you to avoid razors restored as such. Not only does this process roll over original grind lines and rounds everything off, it also can quickly lose the blades temper. I put the same care into my restorations as I would for a custom made razor.

For the scales:

I try and retain the original scales for every restoration such that the history is preserved. If it means filling a few small bug bits with marine black epoxy on old horn I will resort to that before making a new set of scales to preserve the razor. All scales are unpinned completely from the blade and sanded usually starting at 320 up to 1500 grit before receiving a good polish. Old horn is reconditioned as much as possible with oil to rehydrate. All razors are repinned as original to preserve the history.

19/16 Monster George Wostenholm Near Wedge w/ Custom Horn Scales Vintage Straight Razor

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Maker: George Wostenholm
Size: 19/16 (1.185”)
Cutting Edge: 2.80”
Weight: 3.5 oz
Scales: Custom black horn
Grind: Near Wedge
Age Mid 1800s
$695 $525
Comments: This is a monster Wosty I’ve had for awhile and originally had it restored by Brad Maggard before I ever got in the game. I rarely ever used this and decided to part with it from my personal collection. I went ahead and gave it a fresh regrind to clean up the hone wear on the spine that remained from the original restore. This is now one clean, crisp monster sheffield. Custom horn scales done by Brad (I cleaned them back up for listing) w/ brass lined horn wedge. Honed with 1 layer of electrical tape over the spine. Comes w/ original coffin box.

31/32 E&L Co “Manufactured for the US” Sheffield Wedge Vintage Straight Razor with custom horn scales

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Maker: E.L. & Co
Size: 31/32 (0.975”)
Cutting Edge: 3.17”
Weight: 3.1 oz
Scales: Custom buffalo horn
Grind: Full Hollow
Age: Approx. mid 1900s
$475 $350
Comments: Big one here in an E.L. & Co. Razor received a regrind on my biggest wheel (14”) to maintain the wedge grind. Original scales were shot so I made replicas from some nice translucent buffalo horn. Pinned similar to original with bullseye style. Few micropits remaining, but otherwise in very nice shape. Hefty fella! Honed with 1 layer of electrical tape over the spine. Bevel very small.

6/8+ Frederick Reynolds 1/4 hollow Sheffield Vintage Straight Razor w/ Custom Horn Scales

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Maker: Frederick Reynolds
Size: 6/8+ (0.775”)
Cutting Edge: 2.85”
Weight: 2.0 oz
Scales: Custom translucent horn
Grind: 1/4 hollow
Age: late 1800s
$309 $175
Comments: A nice clean old Frederick Reynolds receiving a fresh regrind and new scales. Very little pitting was left. Grind is a little hollower at 1/4 hollow, but still plenty of meat. Scales are custom horn made to the originals. This one is on sale as the custom horn scales have a slight warp in them on pinning. Razor closes center regardless. Pricing this one at what I’d normally price if I was able to salvage original scales despite them being custom new ones. Honed with 1 layer of electrical tape over the spine.

10.5" Long Lynn Idwal or Charnley Forest Natural Sharpening Stone

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Maker: Lynn Idwal or Charnley Forest
Width: 2"
Length: 10.5"
Height: 1 1/8"
Weight: 1 lb 15.5 oz
$95 $75
Comments: Either a Lynn Idwal or Charnley Forest Natural Sharpening Stone. UK origin and is a hard, superfine green stone with some black mottling and streaks. Finishing stone only and used after a 10K+ stone. Use only oil. Slow cutter and takes ~150-200 x-strokes to truly refine the edge, but you get a super smooth finish.

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