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I think I've always been fascinated with making things. It may be this reason that in my undergraduate studies when I first made a polymer from small organic molecules I was hooked. That little piece of plastic that I could hold in my hand propelled me to graduate studies at Cornell University where I obtained a PhD in chemistry from a renowned polymer chemist. In the years after when I had more time on my hands to delve into hobbies that peaked my interest it should come of no surprise that a wetshaving hobby quickly grew into restoring old straight razors, and in short order that grew into learning everything I could about making custom straight razors.

Little by little I acquired (or built) the necessary tools and equipment to make straight razors from scratch including all the shaping, grinding, heat treating, tempering and polishing. Unfortunately my real career would sidetrack me from this hobby in the middle of 2012 when I had to move to the Bay area and put all my equipment in storage and my razor making on hold. Through a series of unplanned and at times somewhat nervous real life events I ended up in the middle of western Oregon, just south of Portland aways in Corvallis in the summer of 2014. Not living in the Bay area and now having space, I pulled all my equipment out of storage and am back to the hobby I love.

Having always enjoyed cooking I knew that I would venture into kitchen cutlery, specifically Japanese style. I even made a couple Wa-Petty knives before stashing my equipment away. Having been satisfied for my first attempt attempt (but knowing there would be a lot of improvement to come), I am excited to venture into this space. Further plans involve making outdoor knives to which I've already drawn up dozens of plans and eagerly look forward to venturing into that area as well.

I use a variety of steels and handle/scale materials and am always experimenting. Overall making something from scratch is a highly rewarding and self-satisfying feeling that is made that much better when I get feedback or repeat customers from one of my pieces.

Happy Shaving and Cooking/Cutting!

Joe Edson

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Please visit the Sample Work Page for examples of custom straight razors, kitchen knives, and outdoor knives I have made. If you would like to discuss a custom project please contact me. From time to time I will have custom pieces available for purchase directly from this website using paypal.