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Welcome to my website. This site is intended for the sale of custom made razors, fully restored and honed to shave ready straight razors, honing and restoration services, and the occasional strop and hone. I have been restoring razors now for about 2 years and have developed the experience to deal with most any problem that may arise in restoring or honing a razor. In addition to selling razors, I offer many services that are detailed below. If you have any questions regarding my services, please contact me and I will get back to you within 24 hours.


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I am now making custom straight razors from scratch. Each of these razors are made with the utmost attention to detail and fit and finish. I have the necessary equipment to properly grind, shape, and heat these razors and come up with new designs so that each piece is unique.

Each razor is fitted with a set of custom scales to match the blade profile, while paying attention that ease of stropping and handling is not compromised.

Each razor is then honed with 1 layer of electrical tape over the spine and is guaranteed shave ready. For more information please visit the
custom razors page and to view past customs please visit the gallery.


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A properly honed straight razor is the first key to having a successful shave. Whether you have a new blade that needs a fresh honing, or a razor that has dulled over time, I can hone the razor to provide a close and irritation free shave.

Every razor I sell on this site will come guaranteed shave ready. I also offer honing services to hone razors for anyone desiring to have their razor(s) honed. Please check out the
honing page for more information.


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*******Due to moving and space, I am not taking any restorations at the moment********

I restore razors in any condition whether they need a simple blade polish or extensive removal of rust and pitting. While not all pitting can be removed on some razors, I will restore your razor to the best condition possible, while making sure to preserve the integrity, and can leave your razor with a number of finishes ranging from satin to full mirror. I also offer complete rescaling of your razors in a number of materials. Whether you have damaged or destroyed original scales or are just looking to have a set of custom scales made, I am at your services and will work with you to create the scale design you envision. For a more complete description of my services and prices please have a look at the
restoration page.


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All razors for sale have been fully restored to like new or even better than new condition. I sell mainly high quality razors with very few or no blemishes. On the occasion that there are minor blemishes, they will be mentioned in the ad. While I almost solely sell high quality razors, I will from time to time have more beginner's razors competitively priced with Dovo best quality razors. These razors will be fully restored in addition and contain minor or no blemishes. I only purchase high quality razors to restore. Most razors, unless NOS or like new, will be removed from the scales to clean and refinish in the ever important pivot area and also the inside of the scales. I also will occasionally have completely customized razors for sale with a fully clean blade and custom scales. All razors will be repinned in the original fashion using the appropriate washers, collars, pinning rod, etc. The final result is a completely clean, highly polished excellent condition straight razor. All razor scales are original to the blade unless noted.

All razors will come guaranteed shave ready and will be shave tested and sanitized after use. NOS razors will be the exception, but I will hone those razors free of charge should it be requested. For more information and to see the straights for sale please visit the
straight razors page.


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Occasionally I will get hones and strops in that I'll list for sale. All hones and strops will be tested beforehand to ensure that they have no issues for straight razor use. When possible I will describe the characteristics of each hone under my hand so that you can get a better idea as to what each offers. This is particularly important for natural hones I will list as the characteristics can vary greatly between even the same type of natural stones.


Please check out the gallery for pictures of past restorations and rescales. Also included in the gallery pages are before and after pictures (when I remember to take a before picture) so you can get an idea as to the condition of razors that can be restored. Here you can get an idea as to the type of scale materials I use in addition to the shape of scales I've done. As razors are sold I will also keep track of those razors in the gallery so you can get an idea as to the type of razors I typically have on hand for sale.


All sold razors, hones or strops will be sent with standard priority shipping in the US at a flat cost of $5. Internationals shipments will only be sent via registered first class international with tracking at a flat cost of $15.

For domestic orders, any order over $100 will receive free shipping.